Welcome to Jeneration!

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Welcome to Jeneration!

Hello everyone and welcome to Jeneration!

I’m excited to finally launch this and share my months of planning with you! I’ve done all of this myself, from the website design to video editing, it’s all my work. No minions doing anything for me. The only thing I didn’t do was the logo, because I am far from being an artist. It was a lot of hard work and now you get to see it!

So why Jeneration? After a successful 2015 speaking tour I decided it was time to ramp things up and develop some actual branding. And as some of you know, speaking isn’t my only endeavor. I’ve been doing consulting and contract work for years. I’ve also had some modeling and talent opportunities. And, I have a number of things I’m still planning to do. I won’t go into details, but I have pretty hefty five and 10 year plans!

All of this involves needing a brand. Something that would be relevant to all of the endeavors on my list and something with a personal touch. I’m big on everything having a personal touch and reflecting me, and since this is essentially the beginning of a new chapter for me, the name Jeneration was absolutely perfect for my brand. Thank you to Karen for the inspiration!

While some content on the website is similar to my previous one, there is one big addition — the Lifestyle section.

When I speak to groups I discuss the concept of the good life and various essentials and elements for everyday life to help you discover what the good life is for you and how to live it. I realized there’s so much more than what I can cover in a 45 or 60-minute presentation, and that there are so many people who could benefit from what I have to say, that I decided to start a lifestyle blog and vlog series. Approximately every seven to ten days new content will be posted.

I will also occasionally post other blogs, vlogs and videos on various topics that will be posted in the lifestyle and/or blog section.

I’m looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings… and I hope it brings me out on the road to see you on my speaking tour! In fact, I have a special deal for you. If you contact me with promo code jeneration16 and sign a speaking contract with me by March 30, I will give you 16% off my speaking fee. Or if you refer someone to me and they¬†contact me with your name as a referral and promo code jeneration16 (or you provide me with their contact information), and sign a speaking contract with me by March 30, I will give you a 16% referral bonus!

Take a look, poke around and enjoy the Jeneration!

Fashionably yours,


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