Jen believes in putting a personal touch on everything she does and that includes not just offering a “one size fits all” Jeneration presentation.

While her standard presentation covers areas of her story, overcoming challenges, never giving up, being active, a positive mindset, advocacy and key elements to living the good life, Jen is happy to tailor at least portions of her presentation for a specific topic or will create an entire presentation on specific topics upon request.

Suggested topics include:

  • Advice for future / current healthcare professionals & what could the healthcare industry do better for people with disabilities *Popular Topic!*
  • Advocacy (a more detailed discussion with or without tips for advocacy strategies, also available as a mini-seminar for groups)
  • Education and integration (school and college age)
  • Aadapted recreational opportunities and traveling with a disability
  • Receiving home care services and relying caregivers
  • Advice for parents of children (both young and adult) with disabilities
  • Advice for the newly diagnosed and people new to living with disability
  • Overcoming your fears and challenges
  • The importance of being active

Other topics may be available upon request!