Why Join the Jeneration?

Everyone in this world has goals and dreams and things they want to do tucked inside their head. Everyone is this world wants and deserves to be happy.

Unfortunately, too many people believe (for a variety of reasons) that they can’t pursue these things and that they just can’t be happy. The believe that too many things are going against them, that people don’t believe in and support them, and simply that their destiny in this life is not to be happy, that it’s just not in their favor.

First, you need to erase this way of thinking. Every single person was put on this planet with the right to be happy. You would not be put here just to be sad and miserable. No one is. And you would not be put on earth without any goals and dreams to reach.

Some people are just naturally equipped with the inner skills needed to go for their goals and dreams. If you’re not, that’s ok. That’s what Jeneration is for!

Through Jeneration you will learn to address anything holding you back, to overcome your fears, to face challenges that come your way, build self-esteem and confidence, to put yourself out there to go for your goals and dreams, to be happy, to figure out what the good life is for you and how you can live it. You will be motivated and encouraged, and just might find yourself feeling like a new person!

From a consulting standpoint, Jeneration will bring you a professional, detail-oriented and efficient approach to successfully meet your company’s, organization’s or event’s goals. I hate nothing more than being inefficient and wasting time, and projects trying to be done by someone without the necessary skills to know what and how something needs to be done. I won’t tell you I can do something that I know I can’t do. The Jeneration approach is honest, straightforward, efficient, effective and one that sees all of the little details that make up the big picture, all fueled with my many years of experience managing clients and my infamous motivation, determination and ambition.

As a model and on-camera/event talent, you can bring a new Jeneration of inclusion and diversity that is still lacking in this day and age. From advertising to fashion, a lot of progress still needs to be made with utilizing models and talent living with disabilities. My Jeneration of experience will bring that much needed inclusion and diversity to your advertising, marketing materials, magazines, runways, TV shows, film and events. Whether it’s for print or broadcast, instead of giving your talent a “disability” it’s time to join the Jeneration and use real talent with a real disability.