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You Time

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Elements for Taking Care of Yourself You Time   “You” time, does anyone even know what that is these days? Our lives have become so busy and chaotic that it seems few people have the luxury to know what that is anymore. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. So what is this foreign concept? It’s time dedicated to you, for you. It’s time when everything else in life takes the backseat, even just for a little while. Work can wait. Errands and chores can wait. Studying can wait. Your kids can pester someone else. It’s just you (and maybe some friends) for awhile. You time is completely dedicated to you as a way for you to relax, unwind, clear your mind and emerge...

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The Importance of Putting Yourself First

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Hello everyone! After a little break following the Essentials for Everyday Life series, I’m back at it with a mini-series about taking care of yourself. With all of the great opportunities that summer brings, it’s an excellent time to take care of yourself and even re-invent yourself. You’re no good to anyone else if you’re not good to yourself! Enjoy! Jen   Elements for Taking Care of Yourself The Importance of Putting Yourself First   The world has become such a fast-paced place that we oftentimes find ourselves so busy and so wrapped up in school, work, activities, family and friends that life passes us by and in doing so, we exhaust ourselves and burn...

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