Jen Onsum Bryden Giving PhotographyJen has spoken to groups of all sizes and types since childhood for her philanthropic endeavors. After her time as Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota USA and her experience at the national Ms. Wheelchair USA pageant, Jen felt called to bring her passion, story and experiences on the road to companies, organizations, schools and colleges, churches, libraries, events and conferences, and more.

As a keynote speaker, Jen inspires everyone to join the Jeneration, a lifestyle that not only encourages you to live the good life, but also helps you see what it really is and how you can live it. It’s not what you think.

Through sharing her personal journey of living life since birth with a neuromuscular disease significantly limiting her physical disability, Jen addresses the concept of the elusive “good life” discussing what it really is and opening the audience’s eyes and minds to the key element of the living good life – keeping your attitude active.

Jen is a firm believer in the importance of a healthy and positive attitude, as well as the importance of being active. Having been very active her whole life, Jen knows firsthand just how much being active and having the right attitude go hand-in-hand, and truly are essential to living the good life.

In addition to discussing being active and having the right attitude, Jen’s message also talks about the importance of being your own best advocate, because everyone will engage in advocacy at some point in their life, whether or not they intend to or even realize it.

Jen at Gustavus Adolphus CollegeFrom frequent hospitalizations to graduating college (twice), and playing sports to being an advocate, audiences of all ages, all abilities and all professions will be moved to join the Jeneration and make a change – in their own life, in someone else’s life, in their community… and maybe even the world. Jen’s ambition, motivation and determination are contagious.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Join the Jeneration lifestyle. And begin going in the direction of living the good life. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how simple it really is.

Jen’s presentations are available in 45 and 60-minute formats, complete with an accompanying PowerPoint slideshow.

While still addressing the good life, advocacy, and the themes of being motivated and determined, having ambition, never giving up and achieving goals and dreams, Jen’s presentations can be tailored for special topics to cater to certain audiences. Popular topics are advice for future medical professionals and being the best healthcare provider you can be. Visit topics for additional information.

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