Posts made in April, 2014

12 News

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On April 4, 12 News aired a story about Jen and her Pancakes with a Princess fundraiser. Watch the story at 15:06.      

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Feature Article

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Jen was featured in the April 2 edition of the Sun Post! Read the article at                      

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Be kind to those who are unkind

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A few weeks ago I drove by Living Word Church and their sign had a message that really stuck with me. It said, “Be kind to those who are unkind.” Immediately the old saying “kill them with kindness” came to mind, but after thinking about it, I don’t think that is the same as what this message meant. We typically “kill” people with kindness when we want something or when we will somehow benefit from it. WE are the ones who will benefit, but the person or people on the other side likely won’t. It’s a selfish act, if you think about it. We all have bad days… heck, even weeks or months. And it can unintentionally and even unknowingly affect your mood and attitude towards...

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