I believe in helping others. I believe in being happy. I believe in having and achieving goals and dreams. I believe in be successful in whatever way you define success. I believe in realizing your true potential and being the best you that you can be. And, I believe in living the good life.

The good life is so much more simple than most people think it is. It’s also so much easier to find and live than you probably think it is. Through sharing multiple series of blogs and vlogs on a variety of topics, I hope to show you what the good life really is and how you can find and live your own version of it.


Be Fearless Vlog

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Last week in my blog I talked about fears, why people have them and how you can overcome them. In this first Jeneration vlog, I talk more about my own fear and how I was able to get over it. If I hadn’t, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today. 🙂 Did you miss last week’s blog? Read it here!

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Be Fearless

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Essentials for Everyday Life Be Fearless   I always like to conclude my presentations with things I believe are always important to remember in life and that will help you find and live the good life. I think of these as essentials for everyday life, because if you live by these pieces of advice anything is possible. These aren’t designed for any particular group in society. These are designed for everyone. Anyone and everyone has it in them to follow these pieces of advice, and thus anyone and everyone can find and live the good life....

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